We made ExhibitDay with love for Exhibitors and Event Managers.

It makes us so proud when we get love back.
Biggest Thank You for all the kind words.
Thank You!
I love your product! It really helps my team stay organized.
Oh my goodness! This is the best program I have seen in all of my days working as an Exhibit Logistics Director. It has all the fields that I currently print out manually and put in a folder to give to the employees going to a specific show.
We are enjoying the convenience of having all of our trade show information stored in one place.
We just signed up for your Professional plan offer and added 3 team members. I like how easy and smooth the interface is. The task board is absolutely fantastic. We are already in love with ExhibitDay!
... so glad to see that there is a place to set annual budgets and see the allocation summary for each event. This is exactly what we needed.
I wanted to reach out and say how happy we are with Exhibit Day. It's so easy to use and it does so much for us. My team sees a lot of value in using the service to collaborate together and prepare for our upcoming trade shows. Keep up the good work and keep the new features coming...
I like how user-friendly the UI is.
This is amazing! I am SO excited to use this tool especially as the functionality develops!
I signed up for Exhibit Day and am excited about what it can do for my company.
I can't imagine going back. What a mess… I'm not even sure how we managed to track everything we do before ExhibitDay. Thank you!
Finally! an app that's truly made for Event Managers. I just discovered I can track the history of each event. Every time I wonder if there is something I can do in the system, I log in and find out its right there in front of me. Im sure lots of thought went into making your site and just wanted to say its appriciated.
I honestly appreciate this you guys! Seriously… this is an ABSOLUTE BLESSING! I mean it… thank you.
Checking ExhibitDay is my new Sunday night routine! I get a pulse on where we stand on our upcoming events, before getting the week started.
Thanks for everything y'all do in making my exhibit management life so much easier!
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